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HCS to elect new presidency after Eid holidays

The Presidential Office of the High Council of State (HCS) has called for a session immediately after the Eid al-Adha holiday to elect a new presidency for the HCS.

The council explained in a communique addressed to the HCS members on Wednesday that the step comes in compliance with the council’s internal system, which stipulates that the term of the presidential office is one year, starting from the date of their election.

Elections were postponed to avoid the coincidence of the Eid holiday, according to the HCS communique. It also noted that a vast number of council members are outside the capital at the current time, while others, including members of the presidential office, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Media outlets quoted HCS members as saying that the three candidates running for HCS presidency include the outgoing head of the council Khaled Al-Mashri, Salah Mito from Sabratha, and Saeed Kalla from Regdalin.

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