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Libyan PM: Presence of mercenaries in Libya threatens political process

The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah addressed the UN Security Council Thursday and highlighted the threat of the continued presence of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya to the political process as well as efforts to consolidate the ceasefire and unify the military institution.

Dbeibah urged for the immediate withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya, calling on the House of Representatives and High Council of State as well as Libyan Political Dialogue’s members to set aside their differences and do their jobs to allow Libyans to hold elections on time.

He also urged the international community to support Libya to unify the military institution and disarm and integrate groups, in addition to securing borders, adding that his government managed in a short time to make Libya more stable and unify several executive authority institutions of the state, hoping to continue with the sovereign ones.

Dbeibah said holding elections on December 24 is a very important and remarkable event for Libyans and his government had formed a ministerial committee to support elections, allocated funds to the electoral commission to carry out its work despite the disapproval of budget so far by the House of Representatives.

He also indicated that his government is working to combat illegal immigration that needs to be tackled at the root source of the immigrants’ problems in their countries, urging for ending attempts to weaken his government in the face of the economic challenges of the Libyan people and calling on the Security Council to implement resolutions against local and international spoilers who are still threatening to wage wars and use military solutions for their own benefits.

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