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Interior Ministry opens official Investigation into deadly militia clashes in Tripoli

According to the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity, it had closely followed the events of last Thursday evening, which resulted in the heavy fire being exchanged in Tripoli between RADA Special Deterrence Forces and Stability Support Forces.

Following that, Dean Bashir Al-Amin, Acting Minister of the Interior, directed the relevant authorities to follow up on the communications and take the required steps to establish and examine these facts, emphasizing that all parties must act in line with the law.

A medical source at the local hospital confirmed that seven people were killed in the confrontations, including three civilians caught in the crossfire.

Clashes between militias sparked widespread fear in the heavily populated region. Fighting occurred when RADA militants blocked the route leading to the government’s headquarters on the Al-Sika Road, prompting the Stability Support Forces to act with force.

According to a video of the clash, both sides employed medium and heavy weaponry, and hundreds of military vehicles were stationed in the streets. Several highways were also blocked during the confrontations, including the major road leading to the government offices.

The Ministry has informed people that the security situation is calm, that disengagement has occurred, and that investigations into the incidents are ongoing to guarantee that they do not reoccur.

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