Thursday , 2 February 2023
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Libya ends partial lockdown due to stabilizing coronavirus situation

The Libyan government has lifted the partial 6pm to 6am lockdown as of last Saturday (14 August).

It said that the decision was based on recommendations from the Minister of Health regarding due to indications of the stability of the country’s coronavirus situation.

Over 860,000 vaccinated

According to the latest figures released by Libya’s National Disease Control Centre (NDCD), 862,974 people have now received a vaccination. Libya’s population is 6.9 million and the government has reported that it has received 3,281,052 doses of various brands of vaccines and that it has ordered 12 million doses.

Vaccination drive launched

The government has launched a nationwide vaccination drive starting in the two biggest population centres, Tripoli and Benghazi.

The public have now been urged to go and get vaccinated at over 430 nationwide vaccination centres to mitigate the pandemic and as a national duty. Unlike previously, they now no longer need to be registered on the Health Ministry’s online system.

The latest Coronavirus cases and vaccinations

Meanwhile, the latest NCDC figures reported today read as follows:

  • Total number of people vaccinated 862,974
  • Total number of Coronavirus cases 284,618
  • Total number of recovered cases 207,164
  • Total number of active cases 73,521
  • Total number of deaths 3,933
  • Total number of tests conducted over last 24 hours 9,610
  • Rate of infection 28 percent

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