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Charges against arrested ISIS leader revealed

Confirming the arrest in Bani Walid of ISIS leader Embarak Khazmy, the Attorney General/Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday revealed some of the charges Khazmy faces. These include:

  1. Supporting the elements of the Islamic State organization by working to regulate the entry and residence of foreigners in Libya without obtaining the permission of the competent authorities.
  2. Participation by means of agreement, assistance and incitement in committing many incidents of kidnapping, detention of liberty and enforced disappearance in order to obtain a financial ransom in exchange for the release of the victims.
  3. Participation by means of agreement, assistance and incitement in committing many incidents of murder (marked with assassinations) in the cities of Tripoli, Bani Walid and Sirte.
  4. Participation by means of agreement, aid and incitement in the commission of many bombings of the headquarters of the checkpoints erected at the entrances to the cities and military and security checkpoints, and targeting the human elements present there, including the bombing of the headquarters of the training camp located in the city of Zliten and the headquarters of the checkpoint at the city of Msalata.
  5. Committing incidents that threaten the security of the state, both internally and externally.
  6. Joining a banned organization, whose activity is harmful to the entity of the state and the unity of the national territory was noticed by its adoption of violence and armed action as a means to achieve its purpose aimed at disrupting the Basic Law and preventing state institutions from carrying out their work in part of the state’s territory.
  7. He proceeded with others to overthrow the constitutional system of the state and replace the form of government and basic systems by using means in which violence was apparent.
  8. He committed, with others, on the territory of the state, acts that aimed at sabotage and mass killing with the intent of compromising the integrity of the state.
  9. Participated with others in leading an armed group that committed killings and attempted to kill men of public authority and the elements of groups supporting it when carrying out their duties related to the implementation of the duty of imposing security and enabling the government to carry out its legally authorized duties after being prevented from doing so permanently in Libyan cities controlled by the elements of the organization.

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