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Haftar to fly to the US with family, pretending it’s a Libyan official visit

Khalifa Haftar, who leads a breakaway Libyan National Army in the eastern region and has a dual Libyan-US citizenship, is going to visit the US with his family and try to promote it as an official state visit, according to the Head of the Democracy and Human Rights Foundation, Emadeddin Muntasser.

Muntasser said on Facebook on Monday that he had phoned House of Representatives and Senate members in the US and urged them not meet with Haftar if he entered the US as an American on a family visit to his properties in Virginia.

Muntasser added that Haftar would try to enter with his US passport and meet US officials and thus add some official cover to his visit, saying he had asked the members of the Senate and House of Representatives not to allow Haftar to go through with his plans and to inform other officials to do the same due to the negative consequences of meeting with Haftar who is accused of war crimes and violations of the US laws.

He also said that the US members of the House of Representatives and the Senate whom he spoke with agreed to take legislative actions to ensure this issue reaches the Ministry of Justice to probe Haftar while he is on American soil.

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