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High Council of State approves constitutional basis for Libya elections

The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) approved a constitutional basis for legislative and executive authorities’ elections. The basis was prepared by Elections Law Committee of the HCS and it contained 63 articles.

The basis says the legislative authority should be under an Umma Council: House of Representatives and Senate. The members should Libyan Muslims and have no foreign citizenship and be no younger than 40 years old on the day of candidacy.

The membership of the House of Representatives will be four years starting from the first session. 90 days before the end of term, election of new members should start. No extended terms are allowed.

Regarding executive authority, the basis said the head of state and prime minister should be in charge. The president must be a Libyan Muslim of Muslim parents and have no foreign citizenship. The president mustn’t be married to a non-Libyan citizen or have criminal priors.

One of the most important articles is the fact that no military officers – even if they resigned less than two years ago – are allowed to run for president. This is expected to bring about controversy between the HCS and House of Representatives as the article won’t allow Haftar to run.

The House of Representatives unilaterally approved presidential elections law and didn’t ask the HCS for consultation in violation of the political agreement. The law was widely rejected by Libyan political parties, including MPs who accused House of Representatives Speaker Aqila Saleh of passing the law on his own for the sake of certain persons, including himself.

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