Saturday , 29 January 2022
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High Council of State rejects HoR election law

High Council of State yesterday announced its rejection of the legislative election law approved by the House of Representatives.

The council’s spokesperson, Mohamed Abdunnser, said in a statement that approval of the law was violating Article 23 of the political agreement, which states that the “Council and the parliament must agree on such law before approval.”

“The council holds the House of Representatives and its members responsible for any possible postponement or disruption of the elections due to unilateral actions, and for not relying on the Articles of the political agreement when approving any election law,” Abdunnser said on Twitter.

On Monday, the House of Representative (Libyan Parliament) approved an election law, a month after Ageela Saleh, the parliament speaker, signed off on legislation for a presidential election set to be held on 24 December.

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