Thursday , 2 December 2021
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Security raid in Tripoli frees kidnapped migrants

A large group of African migrants has been rescued from their kidnappers during a security operation in Tripoli, the 444th Brigade of the Libyan army said on Saturday.

A special force from the 444 Brigade raided a criminal gang den during a sweep operation south of Tripoli and found a large group of African migrants detained in the place, the 444 Brigade stated.

According to the statement, the gang kidnapped, blackmailed, and tortured the detained migrants and demanded ransom for their release.

The migrants received upon their release medical care and assistance, the brigade said, reassuring families that their sons are free, safe, and in good health.

In a recent operation, the 444th Brigade stormed several dens of outlaws in Bani Walid town southeast of Tripoli and freed eight Egyptians from a criminal gang, who also held them for ransom.

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