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NCDC to make vaccines compulsory, to introduce app for certification

Speaking to Libyan media during a press conference yesterday, the head of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Hayder Al-Sayeh, said that entry to all institutions and state transactions will become conditional on the electronic card, which proves obtaining the anti-Coronavirus vaccination.

Total Vaccines received 7.28 million

Reviewing the vaccination campaign and the epidemiological situation, Al-Sayeh said that the total number of vaccines received by Libya reached 7.289 million doses, after receiving three million doses of the Sinopharma vaccine, which reached five million doses with a validity of more than two years.

About 2 million (30 percent) of vaccines administered

He added that the number of administered vaccines reached about 30 percent of the doses, with about two million doses given to citizens.

70 percent (11 million doses) targeted to reach herd immunity

He said the target is to cover 70 percent of the community with about 11 million doses, with the aim of reaching community immunity.

A fourth wave expected early next year

He explained that 85 percent of the samples tested for Corona are from the Delta mutant, but the epidemiological situation is currently stable, and that the country will witness another (fourth) wave early next year.

15,000 to 20,000 vaccinated each day

Regarding the vaccination campaign, Al-Syeh said that more than 500,000 citizens were vaccinated in August, 470,000 citizens were vaccinated in September, and in October the vaccination continues at the same rate, at a rate of 15 to 20 thousand citizens per day.

Vaccination of migrants in detention centres

Al-Sayeh said that an institutional vaccination campaign has been started, in security or administrative institutions and prisons, with seven thousand migrants inside detention centres targeted with a free vaccination which started two weeks ago.

He confirmed that the NCDC’s plan will be strict in the vaccination file after the arrival of three million new doses, which will help make vaccination mandatory.

e-app “Tahseen’’ (Immunization) will be introduced

Al-Sayeh announced that an electronic application called “Immunization” will soon be released, which will be a qualitative leap in digital transformation. He added that the application will be responsible for electronic certificates, reservations and results of PCR tests, and sending the results of analyses and examinations via mobile phone.

The e-certification will make paper certificates redundant, he added – responding to accusations that many fake vaccination certificates have been issued. he said unless a person is registered on the online system as being vaccinated, their paper certificate would be worthless.

Flu jab

Alsayah also said that the Health Ministry was preparing for winter and had ordered the flu jab.

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