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Drah says reopening Misrata-Jufra road underway

The spokesman for Sirte-Jufra operations room Abdelhadi Drah told The Libya Observer Thursday that reopening the Misrata-Jufra coastal road was underway under the room’s supervision and security of Interior Ministry units.

Meanwhile, Sirte-Jufra operations room told the Ministry of Interior to secure the Jufra-Abu Grein road before reopening it.

Dignitaries and elders as well as political activists from Jufra visited Misrata some days ago and agreed on the reopening to alleviate the burden of travel for people.

Drah said Haftar’s forces haven’t commented on the reopening, despite the start of reopening process.

The road between Misrata and Jufra was blocked at Abu Grein checkpoint in 2015 when ISIS was in control of Sirte and then Haftar’s control over Jufra in 2017.

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