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Haftar’s militias expels government force heading to Sabha

Identical sources from the southern region said that a force affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, consisting of more than 150 vehicles from the General Administration of Central Support, and the District Support Force, headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mahmoud Saeed, had returned to Tripoli after being expelled by a pro-Haftar armed group led by Mabrouk Sahban, a senior military leader in the Gaddafi regime.

The force was deployed to the south in prior coordination with the security services in Sabha to assist the security directorates in the south in establishing law and order in the region.

But according to the same sources, Khalifa Haftar’s militias stopped the Interior Ministry’s force in Shwerf area and prevented them from going ahead, on the pretext of the lack of coordination with the Joint Military 5 + 5 Committee (JMC).

In a related context, the so-called “Commander of the Dignity Operations Room in the Southern Region” has reportedly sent a telegram to all lords of Haftar’s militias in the south, preventing them from receiving any government delegation, including the Presidential Council and ministers except after obtaining permission from the members of the JMC.

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