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5+5 JMC says meeting with Turkish side was positive

The 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) said the meeting with Turkish defense officials in Ankara on December 03 was positive, adding that they had underlined the measures taken toward the removal of foreign fighters, forces and mercenaries from Libya.

The JMC said in a statement that the attendees of the meeting reiterated readiness for cooperation in implementing all ceasefire agreement points to help boost security and stability in Libya, remarking that the Turkish side – foreign and defense officials – stressed support for the Action Plan of the JMC.

JMC members arrived last Tuesday in Moscow after finishing Ankara meeting. The Russia meeting, with defense and foreign officials on Wednesday, discussed the situation in Libya and the mechanism for the exit of mercenaries and foreign fighters from the country, sources said.

They added that the meeting in Moscow reviewed possible hindrances to the withdrawal of mercenaries, saying there was positive points between the two sides and the JMC proposed to Russia a working mechanism that includes a joint communication committee.

According to the sources, the joint committee should agree on a deadline and the number of fighters to be withdrawn from Libya in the presence of local and international monitors to oversee the process, adding that no dates for the withdrawal or formation of the committee had been given by any side.

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