Friday , 24 March 2023
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PGF calls on its members to end siege on oilfields

The Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) has called for lifting the siege on the oil and gas fields without conditions.

A group of PFG members had shut down valves on pipelines running crude and gas from the Sharara, El Feel, Wafa, and Hamada fields, saying it was to pressure the authorities to grant them military accreditation and get some Infrastructure work done.

“The closure of the fields by some members constitutes an insult to the entire state and not just to the PGF,” the PGF said in a statement Wednesday.

It vowed to bring those responsible for the shutdown to account, as it is “incompatible with the powers of the PGF, which is to protect and guard the oil facilities.”

The PGF confirmed that it’s in contact with dignitaries of the regions to end the problem and urged its members to seek their rights within the law.

It renewed its call for the protesters to reopen the fields, warning that such acts are considered illegal.

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