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Libyan HoR: Selecting new government or keeping GNU is up to MPs

The House of Representatives’ (HoR) committee of foreign affairs has condemned the statement of the UK embassy in Libya in which it reiterated support for the Government of National Unity (GNU) and considered it an intervention in Libyan domestic affairs.

The committee added in a statement on Saturday that Libyans through their institutions have the right to decide on the fate of their country, saying the HoR is keen on holding presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

The statement called on all political parties to create the suitable environment for elections and avoid conflicts, saying the HoR is working to achieve consensus on the local and international levels about elections.

“Selecting a new government or keeping the current one in position is the decision of the HoR and everyone should respect the laws of democracy.” The statement reads.

The British embassy in Libya said, after the failure to hold elections on December 24, that it still recognizes the GNU as the only Libyan authority in place and rejected the appointment of parallel governments.

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