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MPs: The electoral register marred by fraud

Members of the House of Representatives (HoR) met behind closed doors on Monday to listen to reports on the elections from the Ministry of Interior, the General Intelligence Agency, the Administrative Control Authority, and the Parliamentary Committee.

However, a number of MPs revealed what happened in this closed meeting.

MP Jaballah Al-Shaibani said that these reports revealed a widespread fraud in the national identity numbers and civil registry records, theft of electoral cards, issuance of electoral cards for the deceased, and the issuance of citizenship to more than 250,000 foreigners in violation of the law, in addition to “threats of terrorist operations such as killing, kidnapping and attacking electoral centers.”

Al-Shaibani added that the High National Elections Commission confirmed that more than 600 parliamentary candidates have criminal records including murder, kidnapping, smuggling and drug trafficking, and the judiciary has not decided on them due to the security conditions.

For his part, MP Ali Al-Siba’e said that the reports revealed hundreds of thousands of forged national identity numbers in the eastern and southern regions, planning of bombings, control of foreigners and mercenaries over many vital areas and facilities, forgery of personal cards, theft of electoral cards, and the registration of more than 600 parliamentary candidates criminal records.

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