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Hammouda: HoR isn’t entitled to specifying mandate of Prime Minister

The official spokesman for the unity government, Mohammed Hammouda, stressed that the competence of the House of Representatives, according to the road map, was determined only in granting confidence to the ministerial formation submitted by the Prime Minister-designate from the political dialogue forum, and not by determining the president’s mandate, pointing out that the text of Article 2 of the HoR decision expresses the opinion of the Speaker of the HoR, not the members, the text of the vote did not include this time limit, and it is registered in the records of the vote of confidence session.

Hammouda considered that the unity government enjoys legal legitimacy locally and internationally, and it continues until the handover of an elected government, due to the fact that the procedure for withdrawing confidence from the government formation is restricted by the political agreement with the approval of the High Council of State and the vote of 120 members from Parliament, and this did not happen.

Hammouda added that with regard to the competence of naming the head of the government since the seventh amendment of the constitutional declaration in 2014, and this competence of the head of state is exclusively within the 9 competencies specified in the constitutional declaration, and expresses the presidency of the state, i.e. the presidential council since the eleventh amendment of the constitutional declaration.

Hammouda conveyed the unity government’s reaffirmation of the need to remove the legal and constitutional obstacles that prevented the elections from taking place on the date set by the political agreement in Geneva, and working to hold them no later than next June.

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