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NCHRL: Libyan Presidential Council is marginalizing civil society in reconciliation efforts

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) said it was sorry to see the intentional marginalization and exclusion of the civil society groups by the Deputy Head of Presidential Council, Andullah Al-Lafi, in human rights, law enforcement, transitional justice and narrative reconciliation processes.

NCHRL said such a behavior by the Presidential Council is a failure to set the rules and foundation for national reconciliation, as it continues to ignore the participation of significant actors and groups from the Libyan society, which could threaten to destroy all the previous progress and agreements over the past years, noting that national reconciliation is a process for all Libyans without any kind of exclusion or elimination.

“The government institutions are working alone in preparation for national reconciliation laws and this is unprofessional and cannot lead to a common ground among all Libyans. It’s completely unacceptable.” NCHRL explained, urging the Presidential Council to hold dialogues with civil society groups, legal and cultural activists and other parties specialized in human rights and international humanitarian law to discuss the draft law for national reconciliation.

“The Presidential Council is using its power position in its work on national reconciliation and transitional justice to gain political benefits, thus stripping the efforts from their humanitarian and national essence as all of the current work is based on pick-and-choose method by Deputy Head Al-Lafi.” NCHRL added.

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