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Citing false votes and no quorum, the incumbent Aldabaiba government refuses to give up office to the new Bashagha government

Citing the counting of false votes and the lack of a quorum during today’s parliamentary vote of confidence in the new Fathi Bashagha government, the incumbent Aldabaiba Government of National Unity (GNU) refuses to give up office to the newly sworn-in Government of National Stability (GNS).

In a statement released soon after the televised vote of confidence ended, the Aldabaiba government warned at any attempt to use force to occupy government buildings.

It accused the HoR of being part of the problem rather than providing solutions to Libya’s political problems.

The Aldabaiba GNU said it will continue in office and work for June elections. It called for the reactivation of the constitutional court which it blamed directly for the continuing political chaos in Libya.

Here is the Aldabaiba government’s statement in full:

‘‘Regarding the efforts of the House of Representatives to threaten the state of stability by violating the law

At a time when the (Aldabaiba) Government of National Unity (GNU) seeks to continue to perform its tasks and enhance stability and prepare for holding elections as soon as possible and improve the living conditions of Libyans by providing services to all Libyans without discrimination and giving citizens the opportunity to enjoy their wealth that they have been deprived of for many years.

HoR tampering with Libya’s security and stability
The Government of National Unity notes how the Presidency of the House of Representatives (Ageela Saleh) continues to tamper with the security and stability of the Libyans, threaten their stability and deprive them of their inherent right to choose who represents them in free and fair elections, and their right to enjoy their wealth, improve their conditions and consolidate the state of peace that they were deprived of under many pretexts and for many years during which they lived through many wars and humanitarian disasters.

HoR practicing lowest morals of forgery and counterfeiting
The last absurd act of the Presidency of the House of Representatives (Ageela Saleh) was followed by all Libyans as it practiced the lowest morals of forgery and counterfeiting, by not following the internal procedures and regulations that it had approved itself, to vote to grant confidence to the executive authority, in addition to reversing what had been agreed upon within the political agreement in Geneva, and the practice of actions that exceed its powers in accordance with the (2011 Transitional) Constitutional Declaration, which expressly states that the House of Representatives does not have the right to choose the head of the executive authority, and has gone beyond all political understandings,

HoR bypassing Transitional Constitutional Declaration: Falsifying votes and no quorum
The Presidency of the House of Representatives insisted on continuing to bypass the Constitutional Declaration and set up a new play (charade) in which it chose a new Prime Minister to the executive authority, without reaching the quorum, then granting confidence to the government formation in a farcical scene, was not only the failure to reach the quorum that it announced, but even the falsification of the votes that were counted, by counting the votes of members who did not attend the session in the first place, as well as the number of attendance in the same session cannot produce a quorum.

The HoR part of the problem rather than a solution
The House of Representatives, which is supposed to be faithful to the constitution and keen to implement the law, continues through its presidency to be part of the problem rather than a solution to it, and continues to be the biggest violator of the constitutional rules, and the cause of all the misery that Libyans live in today, as the fraud approach and the ongoing chaos is what caused the postponement of the elections that were supposed to be held that last December, after it produced flawed election laws without a quorum or without constitutional rules, and practiced the same method in the session of no confidence in the government last September, then practiced the lowest types of violation of the declaration the Constitutional Court, by trying to tamper with the draft constitution and submitting it to the amendment, under false reasons and pretexts, and its monopoly on the votes of Libyans.

The GNU to continue its work and to hold elections in June
Based on the foregoing, the Government of National Unity announces that it is continuing its work as usual, and that it will continue its initiative to hold elections next June and return the trust to its owners the Libyan citizens, to choose a legislative and executive authority and new constitutional rules in accordance with the legal periods included in the (LPDF) Geneva Agreement.

The GNU will deal with any attempts to use force to take over government buildings
Also, the National Unity Government, in light of this absurdity, will consider any attempt to storm its headquarters as an attack against government headquarters, claiming an unofficial capacity, and it will deal with such moves in accordance with the correct law and hold accountable anyone who dares to approach any government headquarters or tamper with the stability and capabilities of the Libyans. And this approach that the government will follow, is the least it can do against those who are content to be part of a charade called fraud and treason.

GNU calls for reactivation of constitutional court – Its inactivity contributing to current chaos
In conclusion, the Government of National Unity calls on the Presidential Council and the President of the Supreme Court, in his capacity as head of the Supreme Judicial Council, to assume their historical responsibilities, and expedite the reopening of the constitutional circuit, to adjudicate once and for all, in all problems that threaten the stability of the country, and to stop the tampering practiced by the legislative authority and its attempt to monopolize the authorities and that the continued closure of the constitutional circuit at this crucial time is considered a direct contribution to the continuation of the chaos.’’

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