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Dbeibah tells UNSMIL his government will hold elections in June despite all challenges

The Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, told Thursday the UNSMIL in a letter explaining his plan for the upcoming period of Libya’s political process that his government will not leave until it holds parliamentary elections on June 30, 2022; no matter what the challenges are.

He reiterated that the House of Representatives’ confidence in a new government was illegal and aimed at starting a new transitional period that would put elections on hold, referring to the statement of the spokesman for the UN Secretary General that urged for the respect of the desire of 2.8 million Libyans to carry out a democratic vote, and said this call is in line with his “Return of Trust to People” plan which needs international and regional support to succeed.

“There needs to be applicable measures that lead to the formation of new executive and legislative bodies that take Libya to a peace and hope period. This needs adoption of a constitutional basis for elections as per his plan’s roadmap that says parliamentary elections are to be held on June 30, in addition to a date for the joint committee of the House of Representatives and High Council of State with an addition of patriotic figures to the committee whose conclusions will be final and abiding so that all parties can work based on them without intentional delay of elections.” Dbeibah said.

Dbeibah vowed to work with professional spirit with the UNSMIL toward the success of elections so that he can deliver new executive and legislative authorities that end transitional periods.

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