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Five people kidnapped in last 24 hours in Sirte

The city of Sirte, controlled by Khalifa Hafatr’s militias and mercenaries, has witnessed a surge in kidnappings and arrests, with five people reportedly going missing in just 24 hours.

A source from the city who declined to be named said that Jalul Abdul Salam Jalloul, a faculty member at the University of Sirte, and Al-Fituri Abu Sabbah Gaddafi were the latest to be kidnapped by an armed group.

According to the source, a group of armed men wearing masks also kidnapped Mohammed Al-Saadi Gaddafi and shoved him in a white vehicle bringing the total to four cases on Sunday and one on Saturday.

The motive behind these kidnappings remains unknown, but one of the victims, Adel Daghman, was kidnapped after meeting Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah in Tripoli to talk over problems and difficulties facing the city of Sirte, according to the source.

Since January 2020, the militias of Khalifa Haftar have controlled the city of Sirte, along with groups of mercenaries, including the Russian Wagner and Janjaweed.

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