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Bashagha orders protesters to end blockade of Libyan oilfields

Parallel government Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha has called on the group blocking operations in oil fields to end their protest to allow the resumption of production and exports.

The PM-designate of the east-based Parliament met with the protesters at the Najm Al-Sata University in Brega on Sunday and vowed he would ensure that oil revenues are managed fairly.

He said they had extensive contacts with several local and international parties to set up a transparent mechanism that ensures the oil revenues are kept in the hands of the Libyan state away from political conflicts.

Bashagha referred to their work to present the draft budget to the House of Representatives, saying it would be a fair, transparent, and clear budget in which sums of money will be allocated to support the municipalities, thus eliminating centralization and facilitating the delivery of services to the residents.

The protesters, however, refused to end the siege on the oil sites until Bashagha’s government takes office in Tripoli, according to their statement.

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