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Bashagha says US wants to see ‘free and fair’ elections in Libya

On Monday, Libya’s Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha, discussed with senior US officials in Washington “efforts to conduct in a timely manner; In order to advance the economy, establish security and achieve political stability,” Bashagha tweeted on his Twitter account.

Bashagha indicated in his tweet that Libya needs to cooperate with its international allies to move forward towards a better future, while talking about his communication with US officials, as stated in the tweet.

It should be noted that these statements by Bashagha came after his meeting with Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh, in the city of al-Qubba, and he discussed with him the latest developments in the political process and the work carried out by the government after obtaining confidence from the House of Representatives.

During the meeting, Bashagha stressed the Libyan government’s keenness to “implement the task entrusted to it and live up to the aspirations of the Libyan people, in addition to its commitment to preparing the budget proposal in line with the needs of the citizen, and allowing the implementation of its plans aimed at advancing the Libyan economy and securing a better future for future generations,” as described.

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