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HoR to hold unofficial session in Sirte to debate Bashagha government’s proposed 2022 budget

House of Representatives (HoR) Speaker Ageela Saleh has called for an unofficial session to be held in the city of Sirte next Tuesday 31 May.

HoR Official Spokesperson, Abdalla Belheeg, said the unofficial session in Sirte will debate HoR selected Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha’s proposed 2022 budget.

Belheeg said the HoR discussion will take place in the presence of the Presidency of the HoR and its Planning and Finance Committee and its General Budget Committee, Prime Minister Bashagha, the Minister of Planning and Finance.

There will also be a number of related institutions such as Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Libya, the Administrative Control Authority, the Audit Bureau, the Council Administration of the National Oil Corporation and the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

While Belheeg did not specify in his statement, all the above institutions will most likely be represented by their eastern-based representatives or parallel leaders – but not by their Tripoli based representatives.

Libya has two competing governments and Prime Ministers
It will be recalled that while the eastern headquartered Libyan parliament, the HoR, selected Fathi Bashagha as Libya’s new Prime Minister this March, Bashagha has since failed to take over the reins of power in Tripoli from the incumbent Caretaker Prime Minister, Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba.

Aldabaiba does not recognize the legality of the HoR process that selected Bashagha and refuses to hand over power. He is physically preventing Bashagha from entering the capital and centre of Libyan power, Tripoli.

Bashagha did manage to finally sneak into Tripoli on 17 May but was militarily forced out by pro-Aldabaiba militias.

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