Tuesday , 9 August 2022
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Bashagha government start working from Sirte

The Libyan government, headed by Fathi Bashagha, started its work Tuesday from its headquarters in the city of Sirte.

The Prime Minister held a consultative meeting to discuss preparing a number of administrative headquarters necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of the rest of the ministries and government institutions, in addition to discussing the necessary arrangements for holding the third cabinet meeting to be held next week in Sirte.

Bashagha said: “We have a national duty towards the Libyan people, and it is not in the interest of our national project that we have adopted that we postpone the work of the government, and therefore we decided to work from the city of Sirte.

He added: “I and the rest of the members of my government will make sure to roam all over the country, in order to communicate directly with citizens, closely monitor the bottlenecks that municipalities are experiencing, and take all steps to consolidate the principle of decentralization.”

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