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Belqassim Gazit: We support Presidential Council’s mediation between two governments

The member of the High Council of State (HCS) Belqassim Gazit, said the HCS supports the mediation of the Presidential Council (PC) between the Government of National Unity (GNU) and Fathi Bashagha’s government.

Gazit said the Presidential Council is the only party that hasn’t had a dispute with other parties unlike the HCS and House of Representatives (HoR) and the two governments, adding that he met with the Head of PC Mohammed Menfi to encourage him to take an urgent role in mediation between the two governments.

While the road map that was approved in Geneva ends in few days, Gazit talked about a new political situation that Libya will see soon , saying it requires the Presidential Council’s efforts to prevent any armed clashes between the two rival governments.

He said that the meeting with Menfi also reviewed what the PC can do if the consultations of the HoR and the HCS fail to approve a constitutional rule, in addition to the ability of the PC and its legal procedures to approve a constitutional basis for the elections process to end the current crisis.

Gazit also stressed that the PC is entitled to play a role at this stage, but it cannot announce solutions on its own without sufficient support from national political powers and international stakeholders.

The media office of the Head of the Presidential Council said Sunday that Menfi had discussed with a number of members of the HCS the political, economic and social conditions in the country, and the latest developments.

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