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Western countries ignored people’s right to a referendum, CDA official says

A member of the Communication Committee of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, Salem Kachlaf, has expressed his bewilderment at the recent statement issued by five western countries including the US, regarding development in the constitutional track.

The US, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK praised in a joint statement Friday the “progress” made in the UN-brokered talks of the Libyan constitutional committee held in Cairo last week to agree on a constitutional framework for delivering the polls.

As Kachlaf puts it, the United States and the four European countries ignored the constitutional process and its stages defined by the Constitutional Declaration, the Libyan Political Agreement, and the relevant Security Council resolutions.

The five countries did not refer to the right of the Libyan people to vote on the draft constitution completed by the body elected by the people but rather resorted to …deals and political settlements between bodies that turned out to be the cause of the real crisis in Libya, Kachlaf said in a press statement to Al-Ahrar TV channel.

He said this confirms the double standards of the international community. “While these countries support holding presidential and parliamentary elections and demand respect for the will of more than two and a half million voters, they are ignoring the right of the same people to vote on the choice of their constitution with democratic guarantee mechanisms.”

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