Friday , 8 December 2023
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Armed groups warns Fathi Bashagha not to Cross ‘Red Line’

Leaders of security and military factions in the western region have reiterated that Tripoli is “a red line,” vowing to confront any attempts to generate chaos within the area or seek to sow discord among security components in the capital, Tripoli .

Fathi Bashagha, Prime Minister appointed by the Libyan House of Representatives, has disclosed lately his intention to carry out a new attempt to enter Tripoli, saying that he received support from the military leaders there.

The leaders reaffirmed their strict rejection of a new transitional phase under any guise, stressing the need to hold elections on fair constitutional grounds.

Elections are the only way out of the political deadlock, the group said, underscoring that they would accept only legitimate bodies elected by the Libyan people.

They reaffirmed their support for national reconciliation, provided that “war criminals” are barred from positions of power. In this context, the leaders cautioned against attempts to tailor laws and constitutions to suit specific people.

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