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Politico article calls for international action in Libya

On 27 July, Politico published an article by Moin Kikhia entitled ‘It’s time Europe pays attention to Libya’. Kikhia asserts that Libya is experiencing some of its highest tension levels since the civil war ended in 2020, saying it is a ‘failed state’ in ‘total dysfunction’.

Kikhia argues that if another civil war breaks out, Europe and the international community will feel the consequences. Citing the onset of the 2015 refugee crisis, the need for other oil sources amidst Russian sanctions, and the geopolitical proximity of Europe and Libya, Kikhia says it is time the international community stops overlooking the ‘chaos in Libya’ and works towards making it a functioning state. Kikhia suggests that in order to do this, a short-term, apolitical, and technocratic transitional government must be established that will work to stabilise Libya and hold elections. Additionally, Kikhia says the international community needs to assist Libya with governance, calling for nations with no prior stake in Libya – Norway, Japan, Canada – to provide advisors and former ministers with technocratic knowledge. Lastly, Kikhia asserts Libya must be disarmed – supply lines need to be eliminated by a major global power or international body so that the warring factions in Libya only have diplomatic solutions left.

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This is only an excerpt. You can read the full article on Libya-Analysis

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