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Bashagha affirms support for Libyan army unification

Fathi Bashagha, the Libyan prime minister designated by parliament, commemorated on Tuesday the 82nd anniversary of founding the Libyan army.

“I extend my warmest congratulations to the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers loyal to the homeland and defenders of its independence and sovereignty,” Bashagha said via Twitter.

He affirmed his support for “all endeavors aimed at unifying the Libyan army and benefiting from international expertise; to achieve its development and rehabilitation of its members and to guarantee the principle of national sovereignty.”

بمناسبة ذكرى تأسيس الجيش الليبي أتقدم بأحر التهاني للضباط وضباط الصف والجنود المخلصين للوطن والمدافعين عن استقلاله وسيادته.

ندعم جميع المساعي الهادفة لتوحيد الجيش الليبي والاستفادة من الخبرات الدولية؛ بما يحقق تطويره وتأهيل منتسبيه ويضمن مبدأ السيادة الوطنية.

— فتحي باشاغا Fathi Bashagha (@fathi_bashagha) August 9, 2022

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