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Libya: Two Mass Graves of 15 Bodies Exhumed in Sirte

More bodies are found in Libya in mass graves. This times its in the city of Sirte which is the beachside between Benghazi and Tripoli.

Fifteen bodies have been exhumed from two mass graves in Sirte according to Anadolu news according to the Libyan authorities and as reported by Anadolu.

The social media has been reporting the news widely quoting the General Authority for Research and Identification of Missing Persons which said the two graves were dug up in the garden of the Ibn Sina Hospital after a tip-off from the Sirte District Prosecutor’s Office.

Forensic teams found the bodies. In 2016 the then Government of National Accord in Tripoli said Sirte was liberated from the ISIS terror group.

Discoveries of mass graves have been common in Libya that experienced a 10-year-old civil war after 2011 including in Tarhuna.

According to Libyan official sources, Haftar’s forces and affiliated militias committed war crimes and acts of genocide between April 2019 and June 2020, according to the Turkish news agency.

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