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HoR members prevented from flying from Tripoli to today’s Benghazi session

The planned House of Representatives (HoR) session to be held in Benghazi today was cancelled after HoR members were prevented from flying out from Tripoli’s Mitiga airport.

HoR Speaker Ageela Saleh denounced the action saying the incident represents a disruption of parliament’s work and prevented it from carrying out its entrusted duties, in order to achieve stability in the country by holding presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

Saleh stated that this act is a dangerous precedent that threatens the unity of the country and constitutes a crime of restricting the freedom of citizens, abusing power and obstructing the work of the legislative authority.

He said it proves that Tripoli is a city kidnapped by armed groups supported by the outgoing Aldabaiba government.

Saleh called on the Public Prosecutor to investigate this incident, issue a statement on the results of the investigation, and refer those accused of committing the incident to trial.

Politically exploiting the incident to his advantage, Saleh said HoR decisions will now be taken by a majority of attendees, in appreciation of the public interest and the conditions of the HoR members who were unable to attend the sessions.

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