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Bashagha says his government will operate from Sirte and Benghazi

The Prime Minister-designate of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathi Bashagha, announced that his government will exercise its duties from the cities of Sirte and Benghazi, after the failure of its attempt to work from Tripoli because “it did not want to shed blood or ignite division”.

Bashagha vowed in a speech upon his arrival at Benina Airport in Benghazi, coming from Turkey, which he visited days after the clashes in Tripoli between his loyalists and forces loyal to the Government of National Unity, that his government’s work is for the benefit of all Libyans, not a specific region.

During his meeting with government ministers, a number of representatives, mayors and a number of dignitaries in Benghazi, Bashagha admitted that his government had failed to enter Tripoli because it “does not want blood and did not fire a single shot, including in recent events.”

He explained that with the work of his government from the east, he will exert efforts to liberate the western region, and help them as well as support them in all sectors, until his government controls the entire Libyan soil without specifying the means by which this control will be achieved.

Bashagha said there are some Libyans who want to continue chaos and division in the country and see this in their interest, adding that there is a regional and international tendency that does not want Libyans to reach consensus or reconciliation, but rather to use Libya as a card to negotiate for other interests.

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