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High State Council demands actions taken against Aldabaiba for using militia force to prevent meeting

The head of the High State Council (HSC), Khaled Mishri, demanded that action be taken against incumbent Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba after members of the HSC were today prevented by force from entering and holding a meeting at their headquarters at the RadissonBlue Mahari hotel.

In a letter published by the HSC Media Office directed to the Presidency Council, Mishri demanded that as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army the Presidency Council conduct an urgent investigation into the incident which sets a precedent and a disruption to political efforts.

Mishri stated that HSC members were prevented from entry by the Constitutional Defence Force by instruction from the Defence Minister (Aldabaiba).

Aldabaiba’s militias
Earlier in the day the HSC Media Office referred to the Constitutional Defence Force as ‘‘Aldabaiba’s militias’’ and in a pre-recorded video statement Mishri referred to the Aldabaiba government as a ‘‘militia government’’. He singled out Ibrahim Aldabaiba, Aldabaiba’s nephew and consultant, and Aldabaiba’s media guru, Walid Alafi, for being behind the incident.

Aldabaiba fears being replaced through HSC-HoR consensus
He accused Aldabaiba of wanting to prevent agreement between the House of Representatives (HSC) and HSC on a constitutional basis for elections, which he said the HSC was about to vote on today. He said Aldabaiba wants to monopolise power and fears his government will be replaced if the HSC and HoR reach consensus. He accused the Aldabaiba government of extreme corruption.

Complaint to Attorney General
Mishri also directed a legal complaint to the Attorney General for the prevention by force of the HSC from holding its meeting.

He laid out what he considered are the laws infringed by Aldabaiba, his associates and his militia and demanded an investigation is opened into the incident and that the accused are prevented from travelling in the meanwhile.

Demand for urgent HSC-HoR meeting under auspices of UNSMIL
Finally, in a letter directed to new UNSMIL head Abdoulaye Bathily, Mishri said it was clear that the Aldabaiba government was obstructing elections and attempting to remain in power as long as possible. To this end, he called for an urgent meeting between the HSC and HoR under the auspices of UNSMIL to unify the government and prepare for elections.

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