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Haftar: LNA ready to assume full responsibility despite unjust ban on arms

The General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Filed Marshal Khalifa Haftar assured the Libyan people that “their army is ready to assume full national responsibility, despite the unjust ban on arming the military.”

“Our army is loyal to God and the people and has no other purpose other than to defend the homeland and protect the people,” said Haftar addressing community leaders in Sirte city.

“The army will only follow a higher leadership elected directly by the people,” LNA Commander added.

“We salute the soldiers and officers of our armed forces who were able to restore security and stability to the dear city of Sirte,” Haftar pointed out.

He said: “The nature of the phase that Libya is going through calls for a serious stand by the people to say their decisive word and reject guardianship over them,” says LNA’s General Commander Haftar

“The people can decide their fate and deal with their own issues, and they will not allow the repetition of failed experiences.”

“Tampering and disregarding the fate of Libya and its people must stop, and there is no force capable of stopping that except the power of the people,” according to LNA Commander.

“Our speech to the people is clear and obvious and does not carry any hidden messages. The time has come to put an end to failed experiences and not to wait for any party to perform miracles,” Haftar explained.

“The people must rely on the national forces to save Libya from the dangers that surround it and threaten its unity and existence,” he stressed.

“We will not move forward by wasting time and returning to the past. We must overcome our pain and bridge the gaps in the face of strife, hatred and rancor so that they do not infiltrate our souls,” Haftar confirmed.

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