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Libya’s HoR appoints replacement to Al-Hibri as deputy governor of CBL

The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fawzi Al-Nuwari, decided to appoint Maree Al-Barasi as the parallel Central Bank of Libya’s (CBL) governor. The decision said Al-Barasi will be “deputy governor of the CBL until the governor assumed his duties. He was appointed also as the head of the Benghazi and Derna stability committee.

The executive departments of the parallel Central Bank in Al-Bayda announced Wednesday the suspension of work, after the HoR’s decision to sack Al-Hibri.

“We were surprised by the sacking of the Deputy Governor by the HoR without any real justifications, especially in these critical and sensitive circumstances that require concerted efforts and solidarity. We denounce such ill-considered behavior and we will suspend the CBL’s work until the issuance of a statement indicating the end of this controversy from the legislative authority and reinstating Al-Hibri.” The departments said.

The HoR announced Tuesday the sacking of Al-Hibri and the termination of his membership and chairmanship of the committees to restore the stability of Benghazi and Derna, according to the spokesman of the HpR, Abdullah Blehiq.

The HoR asked the Audit Bureau to review and examine all financial and administrative transactions of the two committees since the date of their establishment, as well as to address the Attorney General to take all legal measures regarding the committed crimes and to initiate preliminary investigation procedures regarding those crimes.

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