Wednesday , 29 November 2023
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Libyan Political Parties Network calls for consensual constitutional basis

The Communication Network of Political Parties called in a statement for the need for the constitutional basis to be consensual, urging for producing an acceptable constitutional basis that leads to holding elections as soon as possible.

The statement added on Monday that elections wouldn’t be acceptable unless they approved the participation of political parties according to the party-list system for the majority of parliamentary seats, and in a way that could guarantee the right of independent candidates to run for elections.

It also called on the current executive authority to fulfill its obligations and promises to support the holding of elections in a realistic manner that includes articles and clauses supporting parties, stressing that the parties would resort to all available legal means to make the executive authority fulfill its promises.

The statement warned the UN mission of the “grave mistake” represented in marginalizing the parties in the tracks of consultation for the solution led by the UN, stressing that continuing to ignore the parties contradicts UN resolutions in supporting Libyans to establish a basic system whose most important pillars are the political parties.

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