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Libyan National Forces reiterate support for Bathily’s initiative

A gathering known as the Libyan National Forces has affirmed its support for the UN Envoy initiative regarding a new roadmap for holding parliamentary and presidential elections this year.

“The proposed mechanism will end the political bodies’ tampering with the future of Libya and the Libyans,” the bloc said.

The group sees that Bathily’s initiative sits well with the Libyan people’s demands to remove all present political bodies and form a unified national leadership.

They said the country needs fresh faces that could preserve oil revenues, implement the ceasefire agreement, and pave the way for and supervise elections by UN Security Council Resolution No. 2656.

The bloc thanked the US State Department for hosting the Washington meetings that grouped key countries involved in the Libyan file on 22-24 February.

It said it is looking forward to seeing the UN envoy-proposed map translated into action, indicating that it has been working on this since its inception, and it is also what the Libyan people demanded in their protests in early July.

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