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LNA Deploys Joint Force to Secure Southern Regions Ahead of Elections

The General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) deployed a joint force to secure the southern regions, which included Brigade 73, Brigade 128, Al-Waw company, and Battalion 672, where that force was divided into four groups that take over several areas.

The commander of the southern operations room, Brigadier Mabrouk Sahban, supervised the gathering of desert patrols for the force at the headquarters of “Umm Al-Araneb” company, which belongs to Brigade 128, then moved it to the Qatrun town, where it was divided into four groups that spread in all southern border areas, according to a statement by the media department of the General Command on Tuesday.

Patrols in the western southern borders and Battalion 672 page on Facebook published photos of its members participating in patrols that headed to the western southern borders, “from the Salvador Triangle with Niger and Algeria, and Grendaika, passing through the Nukhaza point and the Tom border crossing with Niger and Wadi Bghara.”

Military and security personnel’s task is to secure the south and protect natural resources. The battalion indicated that these patrols come to confront any security breaches during the holy month of Ramadan, when “outlaws are active in illegal immigration activities, drug trafficking, and fuel smuggling.”

The South is ready for elections

Social media pages circulated a video clip of Sahban’s statement on the sidelines of those patrols, where he confirmed the ability to hold general elections in the south.

“If we reach elections, the south will definitely be the most region that can secure elections and there will be no problems in it because there are no political or ethnic disputes here,” Sahban said. He pointed out that illegal immigration is a phenomenon suffered by all countries and not only Libya, which has long borders, through which migrants from sub-Saharan African countries flow who dream of reaching Europe for a better life there.

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