Friday , 29 September 2023
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NCHRL welcomes decision to pardon convicts

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to pardon convicts.

The commission praised the response of the Supreme Judicial Council to the appeals of the convicts’ families and human rights and legal organizations to release the prisoners covered by the general amnesty law.

Lauding the decision, the NCHRL said such measures help reform and rehabilitate the convicts and integrate them into society, as it appreciated the efforts of the Public Prosecutor in pursuing their release.

It considered the step as evidence of success in the efforts aimed at bringing about qualitative reforms in the human rights file, hoping it would lead to more reform in the criminal justice system.

The NCHRL affirmed its support for the integration of released prisoners and called for their return to their work or to provide them with job opportunities, especially in light of the challenging economic conditions the country is going through.

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