Monday , 4 December 2023
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Report: US pressuring Libya’s Haftar to cut ties with Russia

Expert on Libyan affairs at the Crisis Group, Claudia Gazzini, said Haftar is being pressured by the US to sever his ties with Russia, adding that Haftar is working on avoiding any more revelations of his ties with Moscow.

In a report on the BBC, Gazzini warned that the fragile military and political situation in Libya could be affected or disrupted if the fighting continued in Sudan and regional or international parties were involved in the transfer of arms to Sudan via Libya.

She added that field developments in Sudan could make the idea of getting rid of foreign fighters in Libya more difficult, especially if fighters from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) ran toward Libya, reiterating that there had been an open line for smuggling fuel from the east and south of Libya to the RSF for months, at a time when the two parties were keen to preserve such a profitable trade, which brought great funds to the leaders of the east of Libya.

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