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Highest-level security meeting held over Zawia militia clashes

A meeting was held Tuesday, in the Presidential Council’s office, which included the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, the Prime Minister – Minister of Defence, Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, the Chief of General Intelligence, the Chief of the General Staff, and a number of specific Chiefs of Staff, with the military committee formed by the Presidency of the General Staff to follow up the security situation in the municipality of Zawia.

The meeting follows on from the deadly clashes in Zawia between its two big militias over the Eid holidays ten days ago. The clashes in residential areas led to civilians fleeing the city and demonstrations, mainly by youth.

the demonstrators called for civil disobedience and closed the main coastal road into the city. they issued a 12-point declaration demanding security, social and council reforms. The Tripoli government has accepted this declaration as the basis for talks.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Chief of the General Staff presented a general position on the situation in the city of Zawia, and the results of his meetings with notables in the city, movement coordinators and a number of relevant security leaders.

The head of the committee formed by the General Staff explained the mechanism of the committee’s work and its communication with the people of Zawia, stressing that the youth movement’s plan and its demands are the basis of its work.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Defence stressed that the committee’s goal is to establish security within the city of Zawia, support the movement’s efforts and implement its demands, and the need to coordinate with the various security agencies to address all negative phenomena in the city, and for the committee to be in continuous meeting.

The Supreme Commander also confirmed during the meeting that the state agencies are working to implement the demands of the movement of the people of Zawia, whether they are service or security, and he instructed the Presidency of the General Staff, in continuous coordination with all state agencies, for the success of the tasks entrusted to them.

Deadly militia clashes in Zawia – another short term ceasefire reached but underlying causes persist (

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