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Libyan Kufra condemns media allegations of its involvement in Sudan’s conflict

The Municipal Council and Emergency Room of al-Kufra, the southeastern Libyan city, condemn national and international media allegations of the city’s involvement in the conflict in Sudan.

“We follow up with concern and condemnation what some local an international media and news platforms are doing on social networks, which involve the name of al-Kufra city and the Subul al-Salam Brigade of the Libyan National Army in the conflict between brothers in brotherly Sudan,” the Council and the Room said in a statement.

“We deplore the propaganda and lies by the Libyan media, including the Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel, the Libya Press platform, and all the Libyan media outlets that adopt these lies launched by international media to serve malicious colonial policies and ambitions,” the statement pointed out.

“We consider that these actions aim to increase international interference in Libya, violate its sovereignty and confiscate its decision, as we call on all local media contact the media spokesman for the Kufra Municipal Council to obtain accurate information,” it added.

“We affirm that LNA’s Subul Al-Salam Brigade is the one that guards the borders and combats crimes of human smuggling, drugs and weapons, and that the southeastern borders of the Libyan state are fully secured, the statement stressed.

“We also deny the presence of any mercenaries or armed groups in al-Kufra, and we will take all legal measures against those who harm the city and distort its history,” it concluded.

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