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State recognised militia and Libyan Army clash in central Tripoli

The state recognised militia, Rada / Deterrence, headed by Abdelrauf Kara (rebranded the Deterrence Agency for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime) and the Libyan Army 444 Combat Brigade clashed in central Tripoli last night.

There are no officially confirmed deaths, but social media claims one family caught in the Ras Hassan/Jraba area clashes suffered an injury.

It is reported that the clashes were over an arrest by the 444 of a member/associate of the Rada. The Rada reacted violently attempting to release the arrestee.

Calm was restored last night by the intervention of other officially recognised forces, including the Interior Ministry. Libya Herald conducted a quick drive through the clash area (Ras Hassan-Jraba Street) this morning. There was calm and life was back to (the Libyan) normal.

Speaking to local media on the scene last night, Acting Interior Minister Emad Trabelsi admitted that the clashes were between two state recognised forces. He said these things happen because of the spread of arms over the last ten years.

He said his ministry were following the incident between the forces since lunch time, referring to the forces as being part of the Chiefs of Staffs. He said non-violent interventions were used to defuse the situation and that his ministry can use force to end the clash but does not want to use force as the clash is between two state recognised forces.

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