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Drones target Zawiya and Ajailat in western Tripoli

Libya’s Government of National Unity drones target the towns of AlZawiya and Ajailat in western Tripoli backed by the Libyan Presidential Council.

The Libyan Ministry of Defence declared on Monday the end of the first phase and the start of the second phase of a military operation initiated against “drug and fuel smugglers and human traffickers”.

According to the Ministry of Defence, they were able to successfully destroy “7 human trafficking boats, 6 weapons warehouses belonging to drug and fuel smugglers and human traffickers, as well as 9 fuel smuggling tanks.”

Since Thursday, airstrikes have been targeting several locations across Libya, including Zawiya, Sabratah, Surman, Al Ajaylat, and Bi’r al Ghanam.

On its end, the Presidential Council announced its support for the military operation on the West Coast, stating that fighting crime and striving to restore calm in the region is critical.

Both the United States and the United Kingdom embassies issued separate statements saying that they are actively watching the situation and urging all sides to “de-escalate and prioritize civilian protection.”

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