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Libya joins Italy to work against irregular migration

The head of the Libyan National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, stressed yesterday the need to unite efforts between his country and Italy to combat irregular migration. Dbeibeh made his comment during a meeting with the Italian Ambassador to Libya, Gianluca Alberini.

“There are deep relations between the two countries,” said Dbeibeh. “We need to activate the results of my recent visit to Rome regarding the convening of the Italian-Libyan Economic Forum and to unify efforts to combat irregular migration.” Dbeibeh visited Italy on 7 June where he met Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, with whom he discussed irregular migration from Libya towards Europe.

Alberini explained that the Italian Embassy is making efforts to increase the number of visas and contribute to the efforts of the two countries in opening up airspace, with flights resuming in September. According to Dbeibeh, the Italian government had told him of its decision to lift its flight ban imposed on Libyan airlines 10 years ago.

The UN mission to Libya is mediating in the North African country so that elections can be held this year that will end the crisis caused by the conflict between Dbeibeh’s government and an administration appointed by the House of Representatives early last year. Dbeibeh refuses to hand over power to anyone other than a government appointed by a new elected parliament.

The Italian ambassador confirmed that his country backs “all international efforts to support the completion of elections in accordance with fair laws.”

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