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GNU Coast Guard Receives New Rescue Boats from Italy and EU

On Wednesday August 2nd, the head of Coast Guard and Port Security of the Government of National Unity formally received three new rescue boats provided by Italy and the European Union.

The boats were delivered as part of a cooperative agreement signed between Libyan and Italian officials back in January 2022. They will join the fleet at the Tripoli Naval Base, manned by Libyan officers who underwent training in Italy to operate the new vessels.

According to the Coast Guard, the boats will be used for maritime rescue operations in Libyan territorial waters. The goal is to enhance existing rescue capabilities and prevent further loss of life during the dangerous Mediterranean Sea crossing between North Africa and Europe, an official statement said.

The boats were built in Italy with funding support from the EU. Their handover highlights increased cooperation between Libya and Europe on matters of migration and border security.

In addition to the Coast Guard, the new boats will also assist other Libyan agencies that work offshore, like the Ports Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, National Oil Company, and Ministry of Marine Wealth.

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