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Libya’s HoR, HCS urge fighting parties in Tripoli to halt hostilities

The House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) in Libya condemned on Tuesday the hostilities and kidnappings taking place in Tripoli, which endangered the lives of civilians and their property.

The HoR called on all parties to stop fighting immediately, resort to dialogue and open safe corridors that would guarantee the safety of civilians and their freedom of movement, saying the Government of National Unity was legally and morally responsible for the hostilities, kidnappings, and the state of chaos and instability in the capital and its suburbs.

The HoR called on the UN Support Mission in Libya to take a clear position on the state of chaos, instability, uncontrolled weapons and fighting, endangering the lives and property of citizens and state institutions, and to declare its denunciation and condemnation of those crimes. It called on the Ministry of Health, medical staff and teams, and the Libyan Red Crescent to carry out their duties and provide medical and humanitarian services to those stranded in the areas of clashes.

Meanwhile, the HCS urged warring parties to immediately cease fire, give priority to the voice of reason, and resolve the problems between them by peaceful and legal means, reaffirming its firm position and total rejection of any new wars throughout Libya in general and Tripoli in particular.

Clashes continue in Tripoli for the second day in a row between the Special Deterrence Force (SDF: affiliated with the Presidential Council) and Brigade 444 (affiliated with the Ministry of Defense). The clashes erupted after the SDF detained the commander of 444 Brigade, Mahmoud Hamza, at Mitiga airport while he was on his way to Misrata to attend a military parade accompanied by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, and refused to disclose the reasons for his arrest or release him.

However, Identical sources confirmed on Tuesday that the mediations that were conducted by various official and local parties to stop the fighting between the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and the 444 Brigade had been successful and that the two parties had agreed to stop the fighting as well as accepted the entry of a neutral force into the areas of fighting to resolve the conflict.

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