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UN envoy hints at priority of unified Libyan government ahead of elections

The UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily said in a statement after his briefing at the Security Council on Tuesday that he “cannot specify the date for the start of the Libyan elections at the present time,” in response to a question about the future of the political impasse in the country, or whether or not there was progress for the end of Libya’s political crisis.

Bathily explained that it was not possible to set a specific date for the launching of the Libyan elections, and warned of the repercussions of the Niger crisis, pointing to “the state of division in the army in Niger, following the overthrow of the regime of President Mohamed Bazoum, which could affect the Libyan situation.”

He also said that the existence of an agreed-upon, unified government “is a must to lead Libya toward elections”, saying that Tripoli clashes confirmed the absence of leadership and control over the fragmented security apparatus in western Libya.

“Haftar and Aqila Saleh informed me of their demands to amend some points in the election laws”, he added, saying that he would launch a negotiating track with the actors in Libya to reach a final settlement, adding that “there are reliable data on Wagner Group in Libya”.

In response to a question about the presence of foreign forces – especially – the Russian Wagner group in Libya, Bathily said: “They are present, but we don’t have reliable data regarding their presence or equipment, numbers, and so on, but they are in Libya without a doubt.”

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