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Libyan Professors Shut Down Classes With Sit-In Over Unpaid Wages and Broken Vows

On Tuesday, the General Secretariat of the Libyan Higher Education Professors Union announced an open-ended sit-in protest, objecting to what they described as the Government of National Unity’s failure to comply with an agreement mediated by the Attorney General. The agreement purportedly committed to meeting the union’s demands on overseas scholarships and payment of financial dues.

The protest comes after a union meeting at Omar Al-Mukhtar University in Al Bayda on Tuesday. Professors emphasized demands for salary increases under Law No. 4 of 2020 passed by the House of Representatives, payment of full financial entitlements, and issuance of authorizations for overseas graduate studies.

Professors also called for restraining State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Adel Jumaa from interfering in higher education affairs, after accusations of falsifying overseas scholarship files.

This sit-in follows a comprehensive strike in 2021 over unmet demands, which the union suspended after reaching an agreement with the government that was not implemented.

The union asserted that the current sit-in will continue until all demands are fully addressed, holding the government responsible for the impact on education.

Professors also expressed solidarity with teaching assistants who receive meager salaries, affirming their commitment to defending their rights.

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